3D Interactive Virtual Worlds for Teaching and Learning

Immerse your students in interactive sims, and building labs to make online learning come alive.

Easy in World Building

WiloStarius has been build from the ground up just for teachers and students. Everything about it has been finely tuned to bring out students’ creative sides. Our motto has always been and will continue to be ‘Creating Creators!”

Built By the World Leader in 3D Learning for K-12

Designed with students in mind, WiloStarius has all the features and educational benefits we know our students need. Based on the research and data gathered over the last 15 years, WiloStar3D is now pioneering a new and better way for students to learn in virtual worlds.


Modern World Builder Tools

Loaded with useful features to enhance learning

WiloStarius ships with its very own custom made world builder tools. Featuring an intuitive and user friendly interface and consisting of thousands of 3D assets and textures, the WiloStarius world builder is the ultimate tool for creating immersive and educational worlds for teachers and students. We put the building into everyone’s hands.

Innovative World Editor

Students can build their worlds..their way!

Immersive Project Based Learning

WiloStar3D is pioneering the use of live data analytics to track teaching and learning inside virtual worlds! Teachers, students and educators can now see and use meaningful data to gauge the learning process inside WiloStarius. Want to track attendance, when a student logs in. or when a world was  built?  No problem! Want to track eLearning modules, resources used or graded activities? No problem! WiloStarius is fully integrated with the xApi for learning and extracts meaningful data that is used to inform and dive instruction.

High Quality Assets for Student Building

Each student has access to an enormous learning repository of 3D models, textures and resources for building their projects. WiloStarius building models are relevant to the education theme for each building blueprint underway. Our 3D assets library also supports teaching and learning in new ways by allowing teachers and students unlimited creative expression.

Stunning WebGL Browser Based Worlds

Create, Invent and Code..your Way!


Educator Support

Engage your students in new ways

Built with teachers in mind, we offer a full professional development channel to support innovative use of 3D virtual worlds in education. Every aspect of the Immersive Learning program has been finely tuned to maximize your success!

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If you want to enroll your students or if you are an individual student looking to take an elective class on coding and virtual world development, use our contact form and we will provide you a quote for your use case.

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